“Like, Hire Me?” – A Parody of How NOT to Write a Job Cover Letter

photoGirls and young women are watching, listening, and parroting back the way young pop culture icons are communicating. And our social media channels are enabling the easy and instant sharing of these new verbal fashion trends.  But what happens when our personal written communication manifests itself in our professional communication?

To illustrate how inane our speech patterns have become, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with my teenage daughter Amanda and craft a professional correspondence – a job cover letter -written by a young women who is unknowingly but fully entrenched in what I have been calling, the “Like, Ya Know” syndrome – replete with hashtags, text messaging slang, selfies and words written in vocal fry for emphasis.

Amanda and I had a great time both writing and filming this Youtube video parody.  View it here: “Bethenny’s Cover Letter: Like, Hire Me?”  

And, below is the transcript of the cover letter…

Like, enjoy!

Dear Human Resources Manager,

So, like I am applying for the, ya know, bitchin job you posted on your website?  The ad caught my eye because it was #totesswaggyyy and I need a job to support my #loveofshoes and other shopping habits.  Btw, the candy apple red nail polish in your ad is like totally awesome.  I loveee!  Already, you can see we would make a perfect match.

As you will see on my attached resume, Instagram (@kittenlover245) and selfie, I am superrr gorg and popular (826 Besties) and have worked at Shoe Heaven, Forever22 and stacked nail polishes at Posh Nails.  With all of my experience, I am sure I can help My Fav Shoe Company achieve like whatever it is it wants to achieve??? #doesthatmakeanysense #2amlogic #brbmybrainisexploding. So, ya know, why should you hire me?  Well, umm, ahh, like, I’m not a fake model, can walk in 6” heels, and am good with people, and whatever…

I mean, I can’t, I can’t, I literally can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to work for such a damnnn hottieee company.  I will text you to discuss the possibility of setting up a meeting to ummm, discuss ways I can work on behalf of your company (OMGGG, did I just say that? Awkward!)

TBH, I would make a great employee!

Thank uuu!

Peace Out,

Bethenny Taylor

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